Steve Dolan “” Expose-a-Sissy


Sissy claire is a sissy slut who lives in Novato, California. Sissy feels pretty confident that she won’t be found, recognized, spanked and forced to serve alpha Tops.

Sissy Claire will submit to any  alpha’s male and female, and wants to be spanked, caned, humiliated, tied down, have every hole used and be filled with  cum. 

Make the sissy suck and swallow, fill her sissy ass with cum and send her on her way with cum dripping into her panties and down to her stocking tops. 

Dominant females should lock the Claire’s little clitty and make her perform until you’re satisfied and consent to unlock. 

Feel free to contact sissy claire and have her send pics or do humiliating tasks. Make sissy claire you humiliation fuck toy.

Sissy Claire’s contact details are:


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