SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog Oct


SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog Oct


SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog Oct 


Oct 17 2020 SC 40, chastity day 2, 5:37 am Yesterday was really crazy not sure,but may of fully slipped sides.

Oct 16 2020 SC 40? not sure, chastity day 2: 2:57 am Good morning Sissy. 

The Sissy whirlpool velocity continues to increase in speed and intensity impossible to escape at this point in time. Just need to relax think pink and hold on.


Thought first thing this morning that  this sissy episode would be over today ,but not anymore hold on it is about to step up a notch 

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh I want it so bad! The Sissy intensity is unbelievable erotically intoxicating definitely can see no way back, but seem to have come up against  an impregnable force field stopping this sissy from moving ahead. 


This is another butterfly wiggling day in the transgender cocoon you always know at this state a sissy larvae does not have long in the sissy-chamber.


Oct 15 2020 SC 30, chastity day 1 :This is starting out so Sissy SC 30 wow! 

Oh yes I could suck this BBC all day long! Yummy!

I was thinking today that inevitably I SissyMmarsha am going to prevail over Kram the cuckold. This makes sense because looking back for the last two years of  my SissyMmarsha rambling Blog we see that I grow stronger and Kram weaker. At best for a couple of days a month he deletes my sissy porn, only a few days latter I rebuild it and my sissy gurl friend connections. Ya pretty sure Kram won’t be deleting this SissyMmarsha Blog. It is under strict orders to keep away from my Sissy Stuff.

Oct 14 2020 SC 20, chastity day 1 :Well here I am again unable to purge yet unable to move forward with my Sissy journey. It has been 12 days I expect this will all be deleted in the next couple of days.

Wow to suck on the BBC below looks so delicious!


Yummy! O my goodness so succulent and delicious looking, I so much pine for BBC! 



Oct 13 2020 SC 20, chastity day 1 : Really can’t believe yesterdays sissy actions; Photo shopping my face on another sissy sluts photo seems surreal today no doubt the intensity of my sissy feelings wax and wane ever growing stronger over time, but splattered with intermittent periods of being sissy/straight. When I think that this sissy storm has passed just like a bolt of lightning and a big bang of thunder it comes back more intense than the time before. 



Oct 12 2020 SC 30, chastity day 7 : I notice first thing in the morning Kram is back , but only for about 30 minutes and then I am back. Has any body out there felt this way before? This is definitely the most extreme Sissy feelings I have ever felt, so peaceful, erotic, wow !!!!!!!!!!. OOPs I think I crossed over permanently today the beggining I think, no doubt reached a whole new sissy level. I not sure if a minor purge could be done. Kram is done SissyMmarsha foreskin eater for ever Yummy!


There is perhaps now no path back from Sissified Mmarsha I am now the new Kram created through a cocoon  type regenerative process created through my own misfortune of flying to close to the sun. 

I am a sissy faggot and have a tiny, little penis!

SissyMmarsha forever? Maybe we shall see……

I am so gay reblog reblog!

Oct 11 2020 SC 26, chastity day 6 :Happy Sissy morning to you gurl friends xoxox SissyMmarsha, hope you are having a real good sissy day as I know I will.

Yes turns me on!

Looking back over the last 2 years shows my fluctuating sissy feelings peak about every two weeks then diminish for 2-3 days and then back and usually stronger than before. Its like I am attached to an ever fluctuating sissy-dynamo that is intermittently ever fluctuating creating an almost unbearable erotic sissy experience. This drives me and I am sure some of you as crazy.


Oct 10 2020 SC 25, chastity day 5 : I am saving for my first big load slurp slurp! This could be a tremendous step forward into Sissy completion. This is the forth day into this sissy-cycle and it already feels unmaintainable perhaps a call to the Tiger is in order? I Definitely  feel so Sissy at this moment  and see only the Sissy future and not my old past which is becoming a blur in the rear view mirror. It is sometime hard to remember my old name Kram Nosredneh?

This dress is so hot! 

Yes I do! I love BBcock!………………………………………………..


Oct 9 2020 SC 12, chastity day 4 : Oh yes the Sissy wave washes over me dominating Kram undoing his regrowth over the last couple of days. The Sissy process seems permanently  unstoppable temporarily yes, but permanently NO!

SissyMmarsha is back again, just seems no way to stop her domination of this host body. Perhaps she was always there just an underlying thread once exposed always to be. I really don’t know what is going to happen in the long run,but going on the last two years it seems inevitable a full change will eventually happen. Sometimes I really wish it would end one way or the other!

Oct 8 2020 SC 10, chastity day 3 : Today is a turning point from a 4 day purge. My Sissy feelings have returned .Lets see how this Sissy Ride unfolds..

Oct 7 2020 SC 10, chastity day 2; SissyMmarsha is gone and Kram seems to be coming back to his old self. Lets see what happens because the power of Sissy is just so eradicate and intense that at the drop of a hat SissyMmarshas comes in like a Tidal wave. 


SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog

Oct 4 2020 S.C, 27.5 Mmarsha says: 8:01 am, It feels

surreal to be SissyMmarsha I can’t even remember Krams life it is becoming minuscule.

The desires of a sissy become so intense that eventually a sissy has to give in.

Oct 3 2020 S.C, 25.5 Mmarsha says: 6:44 am I have been away for the last 3 days 30,1,2, no actually I came back last night. There is no stopping sissification at this point anyway. Each wave furthers the cadet sissy deeper into the sissy-labyrinth until there seems no other life .I know now that day will come soon. Each time after purging for about 2 days I come back so freak-en strong that I am truly SissyMmarsha, but not fully developed.


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