Sissy Cherie needs friends! |

“…I get my sense of self-worth from men paying attention to me…”

I am such a feminine and sensual guy that I’m as close to being a woman that any man can claim to be. I love being so effeminate that I find words like ‘faggot’, ‘gay’ and ‘sissy’ to be terms of endearment. Pink is my favorite color, I wear perfumes because they get ME horny, I love touching myself in front of mirrors, I eat my own cum and I love stroking myself to my own pictures, especially the captioned ones. My mind is incredibly creative and wired for sex with men, being submissive to men, and to anticipate what men want and need.


My impulse is to attract men for sex, attention, flirting and approval. I get my sense of self-worth from men paying attention to me, and doing what I’m told. It is my obligation to pleasure men through blowjobs and taking cock in my ass like a woman is supposed to. My priority is to satisfy men’s reproductive instincts of ejaculating, and find nothing more primal than feeling men cum in my bowels, deep up my ass. It is truly like having men try to get me pregnant! What a beautiful thing!

You’d think at this time of human history that people would be more ‘accepting’ and ‘understanding’ of peoples’ wants. Being a man wanting sex with other men is still taboo among so many people, but for some of us committed to being who we are don’t give a shit about what other people think, do or say. I love wearing women’s clothes because I am a woman and a man in my life expression and projection. I love feminine things, love nice scents and soft textures, and I love pleasuring men.


Giving head is my favorite way of getting a man’s attention. You can control so much of an interaction with a man by making sure you know how to suck a man off to completion as well as and better than most women or men. Swallowing is essential for the perfect image for getting a man to want you, speak highly of you to other men, and to get a man to come back. I simply love the taste, so I make it my imperative to get a man off hard in my mouth, with little struggle getting the whole load down my gurl throat. Deep throating with little to no gagging.

I used to be an athletic alpha male, but now am a soft, sensual, loving feminine she-male, which is the most erotic and kinky place to be. I love giving blowjobs as many of you know, and am becoming less of a stranger to taking healthy cock into my ass. I’m quite playful, and love making men hornier and harder by calling them ‘Daddy’ and asking them to spank and hit me. Daddies do like telling me I’m a dirty, nasty and bad gurl. I never disagree, and put out in creative ways that make men groan with pleasure. , and we work at our skills.


I know how to please a man. And I feel much better about myself every time I do. Being driven as much as I am to give men what they want gives me the feeling of responsibility to pleasure and relieve such wondrous creatures as men. If you want and need hands, fingertips, lips, tongue, mouth, throat and ass to stimulate your senses and fulfill your immediate urges to cum, you know where I am.

I’d love to have more friends. I like having man friends.

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