Dan Cherie | | Expose-a-Sissy

Every day I get more hyped on being an exposed sissy. It’s becoming an obsession of sorts. I’m finding self-worth by realizing I have no worth other than being a fuck animal for men and entertainment for women. By exposing myself I’m getting attention, sexual overtures from many men, and ridicule and scorn by the rest of the men and most women.


I couldn’t have scripted a more exuberantly lavish life for myself, as I am wallowing in soft sissy things, fine perfume scents, and men’s lust to fuck me. In a twisted way I am wanted and have value in a valueless life.


I live near Rochester New York, and am starting to host some hot kinky sex with men. I’m ascending into the anal realm, and can’t believe I’ve found such primal intensity as when a man cums inside men.

I am a fucking sissy faggot and there’s no place I’d rather be.


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